You may be asking what is Clubcento all about?

The Club was formed in October 1999 and is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, to promote ownership and interest in the smallest of modern FIATs; more specifically ‘Centos’ (meaning hundred in Italian) which include the Cinquecento, Seicento and its next generation, the Panda and New 500. However, as Clubcento is the UK Small Fiats Club, any small Fiat from an Uno to a Punto count!

We endeavour to provide a varied membership, appealing to anyone who owns or has an interest in these cars; offering events, information, technical support and access to a whole network of other cento-mad people.

Most of us own a cento, some of us own several and some of us used to own one. What we all have in common, however, is that we’re all enthusiastic about them in some way. Some members are involved in motorsport or track days in their centos, others are into the custom scene and others love more traditional events such as family days out and classic car shows (hey, they are little modern classics after all!).

All interests are represented in the Club and you do not need a modified car to be in Clubcento, you will find our members have centos of all types and tastes, from well-used family runabouts, to tarmac-tearing track monsters. It′s often the pristine stock-standard examples that get the biggest wow-factor at Club meets!

We have meets throughout the year including car shows, weekenders, motor museum visits, nights out, go-karting… the list goes on. Members also receive exclusive discounts with retailers and insurers (which can easily exceed the £20 membership fee) plus free technical advice, a quarterly newsletter and loads of new friends. All ages and families welcome.

We hope that you will join us and become part of ′the family′. For more info about joining, contact our Membership Secretary Lee Winrow by emailing him on membership@clubcento.co.uk.

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